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Weight Loss

Say no to CRASH DIETING. Crash Dieting gives temporary results and most people eventually fail. We guide you through a scientific  and healthy soultion to your goal

Bodybuilding and Sports Nutrition

Whether you want to look great on stage or in front of a mirror. Whether you want to excel in a sport or stay fit,  we provide you a guided program to excel and be a champion. 

Obesity and Diabetes

People have never been more obese than they are right now and as a result more and more people are getting pre-diabetic and diabetic. Our customised nutrition plans are the answer.

Workout Plans and Exercise Advice

Achieve your health and fitness goals through our workout plans and exercise recommendations customised for your current fitness level

Childhood and Adolescent Nutrition

Whether your child is underweight or overweight, these plans are perfect for busy parents to take care of, the health as well as classroom performance of their kin 

Corporate Services

Looking for more efficiency from your workforce? Are your employees constantly sick and missing work days? Are you paying crazy premiums for their healthcare? Well, your answer is simple – you need a corporate wellness program

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